The Moving House Cleaning Checklist: The only one you need

Moving house can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. The list of things to do might seem like they are never-ending! You have to pack, clean, move, and then clean the new place, unpack and clean again - and this is simplifying things a lot. Think about it, you are basically cleaning 2 houses in its entirety in the span of a few days. Whether you are getting your current home ready for resale or renting it out, you definitely need to leave it in a spotless condition to attract potential buyers and renters. As for the house you are moving into, you would most certainly want the condition to be pristine when you start to settle into your new life in the new home. The most essential times to do the housekeeping is firstly, after the movers have removed all your belongings from your old home, and secondly, before and after the movers have placed your belongings in your new home. This might sound like a very colossal task but fear not! We have compiled a checklist to help out with …